PT. Petrindo Semesta conducts business in a manner that does not harm people or the environment and facilitates this commitment through a Health, Safety and Environmental Management System which includes:

  • Measurable goals promoting continual improvement toward zero accident and the prevention of pollution. 
  • Visible management commitment, effective  communication and training to ensure environmental protection, as well as the safety and health of our employees and the community.
  • Line management accountability for HS&E  matters and the individual contribution of all employees.
  • Recognition by all employees and contractors  that safety and environmental protection is a condition of the employment and they are responsible for their safety and the safety of those around them.
  • Integration of HS&E consideration, including identifying and controlling risks and impacts into our business decision, plan and operation.
  • Periodic reviews of HS&E system and • performance.
  • Compliance with applicable legislation, regulation and relevant industrial standards. 
  • Providing appropriate resources to implement • this policy, including making it available to the public and employees.

PT Petrindo Semesta is committed to the health and safety of people and protection of the environment. We firmly believe the commitment adds value to our customers, employees and stakeholders.

Petrindo has a reputation for performance and reliability in the industry. And we have expanded our capabilities and global collaboration to give our customers the most comprehensive resource solutions.

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