Petrindo welcomes the year 2023: “In togetherness, we can recover faster and rise stronger.”

February 16, 2023

PT Petrindo Semesta held their annual Town Hall Meeting at Mandapa Kirana Resort on January 5, 2023. The meeting was attended by all the employees of the company, including the top management.

The event started with a review of the year 2022 work performance of PT Petrindo Semesta, which highlighted the company’s achievements and challenges throughout the year. The management shared the success stories of the projects undertaken by the company in 2022, and how it contributed to the company’s growth.

After the review, the management announced the work program for 2023 that will help the company to further enhance its business portfolio. The management emphasized the importance of teamwork, communication, and innovation in achieving the set goals.

The meeting also facilitated employee sharing sessions, where employees were given the opportunity to share their experiences, ideas, and feedback. This session was instrumental in creating an open and transparent work culture that encourages employee participation and contribution.

To add some fun and excitement to the event, the company organized fun games and prize draws. The employees enthusiastically participated in the games and won exciting prizes.

The event ended with a music performance and lunch, where employees got the chance to socialize and bond with their colleagues. The Town Hall Meeting was a great success, and it helped to strengthen the bond between the management and employees of PT Petrindo Semesta.

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