Petrindo conducts successful emergency drill with Pemadam Kebakaran (Damkar) Sudin Kebayoran Lama and RS Siloam Kebon Jeruk to ensure safety preparedness.

January 16, 2023

On December 27, 2022, PT Petrindo Semesta conducted an emergency drill at Graha Semesta in collaboration with Pemadam Kebakaran (Damkar) Sudin Kebayoran Lama and Siloam Kebon Jeruk Hospital. The drill simulated various emergency scenarios, including an earthquake, a fire, a trapped employee on the rooftop, and a broken arm employee in need of first aid.

The emergency drill was aimed at testing the readiness and response of the company and its employees in the face of an emergency situation. The involvement of the firefighters and the hospital team was a great step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of the employees.

Mr. Ari Pianto, who represented the Damkar Sudin Kebayoran Lama, expressed his gratitude to PT Petrindo Semesta for taking the initiative to conduct the drill and involving the firefighters. He stated that such drills are crucial for creating awareness among employees and preparing them for emergency situations.

The drill was a success, and the company’s emergency response team was able to handle the various scenarios efficiently. The first aid team attended to the broken arm employee, while the firefighters rescued the trapped employee on the rooftop and extinguished the fire.

Overall, the emergency drill was a valuable experience for PT Petrindo Semesta and its employees, as it provided them with the necessary skills and knowledge to respond to any future emergency situations effectively.


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